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Friday, 28 August 2009

Ethics or Morals?

What’s the difference between an ethical man and a moral one? An ethical man knows what he does is wrong, a moral man won’t do it.

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While there is love...
Most topics of discussions that arise in everyday life usually come down to ethical or moral issues inherent almost in every matter.
One of such topics is ‘gay marriages’ and it was brought up by a gay couple in a conversation about the concept of family. Although we all looked at the question from different standpoints, opinions mainly flowed along these lines:

Any people living together can be considered a family, never mind the nature of their relationships (for those who read the Bible, remember what Jesus said something along the lines of 'my family are those who follow my word... rather than my brothers and sisters' (sorry, can't quote the exact passage) and therefore should enjoy the same legal rights as any official union.
Probably, we should redefine what constitutes a family.

However, marriage is another matter -- it's a union of a man and a woman, whatever its purpose may be (that is by no means limited to reproduction -- to such a primitive end, there was no need for human species to come into existence, animals alone would do just as well).

Regardless our religious beliefs, everyone has a God-given right to lead any lifestyle as long as they don't trample other people's rights. Personally I go by the following principle:

‘I respect your right to sin and won’t judge you for it, but in turn my right to disapprove of the sin itself should be respected too’.

What I'm at a loss to understand is why the gays insist so much on such a hypocritical Christian value as marriage (a signed paper doesn’t necessarily imply love), unless they are desperate to convince first and foremost themselves of the normality of their condition through forcing the society to accept it as such -- a usual strategy for quelling deep-rooted feeling of inferiority and insecurity, as well as a fear of being a pariah.

On the other hand, you can hardly blame them for doing so, since there is so much depravity and perversion in the modern world that you no longer know where the line between Good and Evil lies. I wonder if the current growth in the number of homosexuals could be in part due to the chemicals bright scientists have been stuffing our food, water and the environment with for more than a century now (after all most animal species are affected by pollution – some fish species have even been reported to change sex because of the hormones that get into the rivers with sewage water containing urine of the women on the Pill -- why wouldn’t it affect humans, given that biologically we, too, are animals?)

Some people claim that homosexuality is just a sexual choice. It almost certainly is in a number of cases (which smacks more of licentiousness to me), but many gays say they didn’t choose to be gays, that's the way they are – an acquaintance of mine plumbed the depths of despair for six years until he managed to come to terms with his true self. He has a steady partner now and a comfortable life, still he claims he doesn’t feel happy.

Meanwhile, others are also torn by religious doubts apart from a natural desire to be just as conventionally normal as everyone else.

Probably that’s one of the reasons why many people end up professing atheism today – this way you don’t have to be afraid of the all-seeing judge watching you. You can’t break rules that don’t exist.

It is impossible to prove the existence of God, but so is the opposite. Although, for the thinking person the order and design of the natural world are the most telltale signs of God’s presence (all living creatures get ill, age and die -- for some reason we haven’t managed to change that so far).
A unit of humanity is not a separate man or woman, but a couple: a man and a woman, that's why two sexes were created instead of one.

Now, if we adopt a communist doctrine that 'there is no God and anything goes', there are no moral principles at all, which makes a logical question enter my mind, ‘Why can't people marry animals or practice polygamy, for example?’ I find that as legitimate as gay marriages. Well, probably it's only a question of time.

Then following the same line of reasoning any vices and crimes can be considered normal as well; since there is no God,
where or who do the moral concepts come from?
Who has enough authority to establish them?
And what or who could invest someone with such authority?

If they are invented and established by humans, there are no valid criteria for identifying who is right or wrong, as to err is human and anybody's opinion may be as good as someone else's.
And where would we end up?

Indeed, being gay isn't the gays' fault, but that raises a serious philosophical and even scientific question,
'Up to what point are we responsible for the way we are?’

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