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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Image and beauty.
Susan Boyle — the beauty of talent.

Susan Boyle makeover.

First of all, why it's so common for a woman to be called ugly and get the shaft just because she doesn’t meet more than questionable canons of modern beauty, imposed by fashion designers and publicity industry and widely accepted by people without any criteria of their own?
Why aren’t stick insect models with squiggly limbs, protruding masculine shoulders and shapeless trunks considered ugly? Just because they are long, lanky (rather than tall) and therefore are convenient for the designers as they only have to make one size clothes?

And what use are good looks if so many pretty girls end up with ugly sugar daddies? I would think they could aspire to young handsome millionaires.

If a man were in her place, would he be called ugly right to his face? Everyone's got their defects and should address them as much as they possibly can, but curiously flaws in men are gladly played down.

We all can think of a few ugly male as well as female singers, some of which wouldn’t need any make-up to take part in a horror movie. Even many official beauties would be unrecognisable had they washed their faces (not to mention surgery).

By the way, a lot of politicians should be given a makeover, but nobody dares tell them so. I wonder how they got their posts while good looks are usually at the top of the list of conditions candidates should meet when applying for most jobs. Surprisingly, people still vote them, it seems it doesn't matter in their case, then why does it in others?

However talent, personality and the right attitude makes even people with imperfect features look pretty, while others with much better physique may not strike us as especially good-looking.
Is it some kind of male conspiracy against women or female sexist mentality (that's where it all starts)?
Real beauty is a different story – it’s extremely rare and is a compound of several  qualities, such as a beautiful face, a handsome body and charm — this internal beauty that shines out of his/her eyes. Personally, I believe only some old movie stars of the golden age of Hollywood possessed it (among celebrities, of course).

Any woman or man can be reasonably attractive if they’ve got sense of dress, and the makeover Susan underwent is an illustration of my point.
She doesn’t look at all dull and "unstylish" with her new look, does she?
Check it out.

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