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Sunday, 6 September 2009

A natural home remedy for common cold and flu
(and probably for swine flu as well).

As a child I used to play with all kinds of farm animals at close quarters: pigs, chickens, ducks etc, to say nothing of the presence of rats the size of hare that peacefully shared food with hens, scared the hell out of cats and couldn't care less about humans, but they never gave either me or anyone else any of their diseases. I also used to eat raw egg yolks and never heard of salmonella either – all these viruses are the product of modern industrial society, ushered in by battery hens, eggs, contamination or lab experiments.

I remember on one occasion our neighbours, who ran a free range farm, were preparing their son’s wedding and were going to make a special dish with their homegrown chicken as the main ingredient. On the wedding day morning, when the dish had to be cooked, all the chickens kicked the bucket due to some unknown disease.
The groom’s mother decided this slight hiccup wasn’t going to spoil the fun, besides there was no time to look into the cause of their death or buy poultry elsewhere, so she quickly cut their heads off to make believe they were slaughtered alive and the cooks did the rest. Nobody got ill!

I never passed up an opportunity to catch flu or cold until, at the age of 13,  I finally looked into the problem and discovered a simple natural preventive remedy and curative, all in one, that worked just fine for me against normal flu and colds. It’s cheap and side effect free, although a bit painful, but it pays off.
A genetic aversion to conventional medicine that runs in my family together with common sense prevents me from understanding what use flu vaccines are apart from generating profits for the Big Pharma. (That would explain scaremongering).

Here goes the remedy: squeeze out some onion juice, suck it up with a pipette and release a few drops into each nostril (the more drops and the stronger the onion the better) at the first symptoms (tickling in the nose and throat, cough etc). Repeat this procedure as often as you can (every 15 – 30 min application should bust the virus if you are tough enough to endure the discomfort).
Onions — the perfect natural remedy for common cold and flu
Onions – the perfect natural remedy for common
cold and flu.
Granted, the downside is that your nose will burn like hell, but that won’t do you any harm. Be careful if you are allergic or have very sensitive mucus membrane (which is precisely my case, however I tolerate it well) – you can start off with simply dipping your finger or a cotton bud into the juice and spreading it gently inside your nares. If you can stand it, try more aggressive technique.

Chewing and then swallowing raw onion also helps to prevent or cure cough, if your stomach lets you, as it stops the virus from passing on to your bronchi (it does in my case – if I don’t take measures at the first sign of cold, let alone flu, I’ll be coughing for months).
Some people even suggest a few drops of onion into the ear would deal with auricular infection. It’s probably true, but I’ve never tried it, so proceed with caution if you decide to give it a shot.

Onion is a natural antiviral that works against all strains of cold or flu viruses (may be except for those created in labs), while they always end up developing resistance to synthetic substances, probably due to such substances’ static molecular and structural formulas.
Besides, I suspect inorganic substances don’t work well against organic compounds that make up living organisms. On the other hand, onion crop, like any plant generation, slightly varies genetically from year to year, thus giving viruses no time to adapt — onions change at the same pace as viruses.
Nature has its own hidden mechanisms that we don’t and probably never will fully understand. It looks as though onion knows what substances it should produce every year to beat the seasonal flu/cold virus.

The only possible side effect could be a few threads of blood in your mucus, aka snot, that will eventually disappear (keep it in mind if you have some underlying disease like diabetes or coagulation problems, for instance).
Repeat it as often as you can until you feel better. Listen to your body and it will tell you when to stop. Use it as prophylaxis and you'll stand a much better chance of avoiding contagion.

I have my fingers crossed that it’s going to work this time too, though who knows if the current swine flu virus is a naturally mutated virus or was created in a lab (and therefore especially resistant).

There is also another excellent antiviral and antibacterial natural remedy – Propolis. For those who haven’t heard about it, it’s a substance produced from tree resin by honeybees that they use to seal their honeycombs with in order to protect it from parasites. I use the most natural form of it – small dark brown irregular-shaped beeswax-like chewable pieces. The fragrance of propolis is delicious, it tastes slightly bitter and similar to pine tree resin. I love chewing it.
However, be careful as it could cause allergic reaction if you are sensitive to bees or bee products.

And last but not least, infusions of Echinacea are also very helpful in warding off colds and flu. Some sources don’t recommend taking it for more than 10 days, using it in children under 10 or during pregnancy and lactation – they say possible side effects have not been investigated enough, just like the vaccine! (Or it might be simply a ruse to play down the competitors in trade.)
Anyway, I always use dry unprocessed plants for infusions or decoctions, for safety’s sake.

I hope this will prove useful to you.
Good luck!

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