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Monday, 19 October 2009

Should parents allow their daughters to be vaccinated against cervical cancer?

vaccine terror
Vaccine terror
In my opinion, regarding this matter the following questions should cross any thinking person's mind.

First of all, why is it only girls who get the jab? It's men who transmit this virus, so boys should be vaccinated first. Following the same line of reasoning, men should take the pill that causes a lot of side effects, including breast cancer instead of women, but since the world is ruled by men women's lives are not so appreciated as men's.

The fact that most scientists who develop these vaccines, pills etc are men is a telling detail, no wonder they gladly sacrifice women's health for their benefit and pleasure.

Many if not all these infections could have been avoided, if men's and boy's foreskins were cut off. Sadly, men have never respected women much enough to care about their health, and most women have too low self-esteem to demand respect.
Probably, it's also a way of reducing female population as there are more women than men in the world.

There's no scientific proof whatsoever that this vaccine works or doesn't cause long-term side effects -- it has never been used before, at least not exactly this formula. Then again, who cares? The industry is raking in.

By the way, where did this virus originally come from? Our grandparents never heard of cervical cancer, let alone papilloma, salmonella, swine flu etc. What animal are they going to blame it on this time?

Another question is why it's taken for granted that children should start their sex life at the age of 12 or 13. What if some of them are going to wait until they are 17? Why not give them the shot then?

Wouldn't it make more sense for so-called civilised species to instil some morality into their youth instead of encouraging depravity and then stuffing the children with chemicals to fight against its consequences (actually, that's how modern medicine works -- to treat symptoms, rather than causes)?

What about those 30% of cervical cancer types that this vaccine doesn’t protect from? So how many vaccinated women will get both the cancer and vaccine side effects?
Does the vaccine provide a lifelong protection and if it doesn't, how many shots will women need during their lives? Wouldn't it interact with other vaccines, like swine flu jab?

Has anyone stopped to think how many vaccines a human body can take?

Those who say the right thing to do is to balance the benefit for the many against the suffering (or “a small risk”) of the few should imagine themselves and the members of their family among those few and figure out if the benefit of the many would be then much consolation to them (granted, I wouldn't rule out a few fanatical martyrs or fools playing selfless heroes).

What surprises me most is how light-heartedly parents let use their daughters as guinea pigs.
It looks like lately, health care workers are on a vaccinating spree!

Well, this world is getting more and more insane every day: scientists (who should first test their stuff on themselves and the big pharma CEOs) have taken a permanent leave of common sense, and people turned into herd animals, bleating at the whim of their master.

I wonder if the presidents’ daughters and the likes are going to be vaccinated.
We'll never know the truth, though.

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