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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Breaking down the Bible.
(Genesis, 2)
Creation of Man.

Genesis 2:2

'And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.'

The Maker that is perfect in every possible way worked only for six days out of His infinite existence and had to take the seventh day off, for the rest of the eternity I guess, and has been kind of monitoring/contemplating the masterwork he launched ever since, living a leisured life. Why would He need rest after only six-day’s work? Tired? Who, the Almighty?

Genesis 2:3

'And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.'

How come God sanctified the day he rested, and not the days in which He performed a masterstroke of creativity? What is more dignifying: labour, a well-earned rest afterwards or rest without any work at all? And why are some people’s lives, like those of the aristocracy and other ladies/gentlemen of leisure, basically restricted to “the seventh day”?

Genesis 2:7

'And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.'

One of the few things that seem to be clear in this book, we are made of the same atoms, quarks, in short matter, as the planets, the sun and the stars.

Creation of Man. (Michelangelo.  Capella Sistina)
Creation of man. (Michelangelo.  Capella Sistina)

Genesis 2:8

'And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.'

What was around Eden? Why couldn’t be the whole Earth a garden of Eden? Sounds like the island from ‘Lost’.

Genesis 2:9

'And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.'

That’s one of the places that I find especially troubling. Why plant a tree humans weren’t supposed to touch? And what are Good and Evil? Are these two concepts inherent to God or He created them to mould human souls? Does our ever-evolving understanding of moral precepts change their absolute essence? If the ideas of evil and good are intrinsic to God, then they are invariable and don’t depend on time, fashion or anyone’s personal point of view. What really haunts me is what the tree of life was for and where it is now (since it’s supposed to be in Eden, where’s Eden? Remember, God didn’t destroy Eden, he just ousted humans from it, so Eden must be still somewhere around Euphrates (Shamballa?), but in the parallel dimension, again like the island in ‘Lost’).

Genesis 2:17

'But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.'

So He didn’t forbid to eat from the tree of life, but warned the man against eating of it under the pain of immediate death, which proved true only in part, since Adam didn’t die that very day. I wonder why Adam was so stupid as to pass up the chance of eating first from the tree of life. He couldn’t possibly figure it out by himself, could he?

Genesis 2:18

'And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.'

Why wasn’t it good? Wasn’t God himself alone? Why didn’t He give Adam another man as a companion? I’m still at a loss to understand what woman was created for.

Genesis 2:21

'And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;'

Wasn’t there enough dust to make a woman? What was the point of taking Adam’s rib instead? Or it’s probably just human account of the origin and reason of physiological similarities between two genders.

Genesis 2:24

'Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.'

This one of the most beautiful places. So every time a man gets divorced he shall “uncleave” from his wife: and disentangle his flesh from hers.

What this passage actually means is that
A unit of human species is not a separate man or woman, but a couple: a man and a woman.
to be continued...

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  1. >Genesis 2:18 ... Wasn’t God himself alone? Why didn’t He give Adam another man as a companion? I’m still at a loss to understand what woman was created for.<

    Stella, do you actually like the world, and all the creatures in it? Well, you know that all creatures just exist because of sexuality. If you deny human sexuality, you practically want the death of whole humanity.

    We learned one thing from nature: diversity, dissimilarity, difference is premiss to grow something. Cultures like the U.S.A. are so very successful, because of cultural diversity. What the Germans tried in the 30s was a way to degeneration - by racial inbreeding. - Man and woman is a part of human diversity, a potentiality to make humanity grow. You couldn't do that with two men - even if it could work, it would be sort of inbreeding. Example: there are diseases, that just threaten one of the two sexes, so this is a way to protect humanity by diversity.

    Of course we could ask ourselves, why humanity could't grow just by pollen, like many plants do. Well, this wouldn't be quite a self-determinated way of sexuality. The great advantage of human sexuality is the social component: The woman can decide when she wants sexual intercourse, with whom, or maybe she decides not to have it at all. Pollen would just come with the wind and wouldn't ask us. Even the possibility to have no 'sex' at all, or just being lesbian, is part of human diversity. The human society needs such individuals, minorities as well. Nevertheless the majority is reproducing itself and this is really necessary.

    I think, God created the woman first, as he created the egg first and then the chicken. Don't take the bible too serious, the people who wrote that stuff weren't too smart.

    God is not like human beings. I guess God doesn't need companionship. Does he?

  2. I would have thought you would see that I'm actually questioning the Bible, rather than taking it too seriously.

    I don't deny human sexuality, it's necessary for our existence because we were meant to need it. However, had we been created in a different way (just like the laws of nature could have been different in a different universe, life based on silica instead of carbon, etc), we might feed, breath, reproduce etc in a completely different way.
    There're species of fish that are hermaphrodites and don't need two sexes to reproduce, nor are do they suffer from any diseases.

    Mind that I love the two-gender system; I was just making a point that nothing really determines it being the only possible structure.

    Many empires were very successful without rich cultural diversity (e.g. ancient Egypt -- I highly doubt modern empires are going to last that long, China has existed for thousands of years, while the US has only been around for 200).

    As for women, even today in many parts of the world they can hardly choose who with or when she wants to have sexual intercourse, let alone in the past. Throughout history women have been little more than slaves, suffering the brunt of everything, hence my query about "what for".
    I think God created man first, since He cares about him more.

    Whether we reproduce or not, live or die, makes no difference to the universe. In fact, nature and animals would be much better off without us; it's us that can't exist without them, not the other way round. Our infinite arrogance makes us believe we are somehow important in the order of things, when in reality we aren't.

    Chicken was before egg, says the evolution theory -- species evolved to lay eggs.
    I don't think God needs companionship, but I suspect He enjoys the show.

  3. Hahaha, "God enjoys the show" - that's good, I sure like that! Let me say 'he's' watching kind of "Philadelphia Story": 'He' doesn't like it too much, but 'he's' always smiling. Frankly, I got here because of your Philadelphia-Story-Comment for C.K.Dexter and it's kind of funny, that I consequently stuck at Genesis 2:18.

    I'm quite sure, that sexual, cultural and racial inbreed leads to degeneration. This had been proved via countless 'self-experiments' of certain blue-blooded people in Europe. And I still think that cultural diversity made the United States successful. Just to think how Jazz, Pop and Movies dominated the world - the whole planet was and is fascinated. And this great creativity comes from cultural diversity.

    Your perfectly right Stella, many women are not free. In North America and Europe we have the chance to be free, but many women decide against freedom. We always have the option to go away and maybe it's better to have no sexual relationship at all, than a bad one. If Dexter Haven and George Kittredge were the last men on earth, I'd live happily on my own. But I saw so many Tracies in my life, they don't cause me any more headache. I'm just amused.

    We poor human beings are always struggling in this world, trying to find our orientation. To think about Dexter, Tracy and Genesis 2:18 seems to help me and so I enjoyed it.

    Thank you Stella

  4. O Stella, I forgot:

    Archaeopteryx laid eggs and that was before chicken. But even if we consider archaeopteryx the origin of chickens: The dinosaurs before laid eggs too.

    But maybe I wasn't precise enough, being supposed to say: "The chicken was before the chicken-egg." This is a fact indeed, because mutation always happens before the mutant is able to lay an egg.

    Very funny, isn't it?

  5. I sure like this Sunday, Stella.

    Without realizing it, I joined a typical Jean-Arthur-Discussion. Now I wrote an edition about it on my blog and linked to you and Dexter in it.

    Really very very fascinating and I wish my beloved Jean Arthur could be with us ...

    P.S.: I didn't overlook your point about a different world in a different universe. But if I wrote about this, it would be too much, because the aspects are huge - like millions of eggs and chicken!! Besides we can't solve human problems, if we leave our universe ...

  6. Of course inbreed leads to degeneration, but for some species it doesn't seem to be a problem. Like I said, it's all due to our original design.

    Cultural diversity sometimes rips nations apart, for example Yugoslavia (or the fall of Roman Empire under the weight of too many different nations it tried to encompass).

    It's still to be seen if the US are going to be successful much longer than 250 years (may be long time in terms of human lifespan, but is just a day on a historical scale), while such homogeneous cultures as Egyptian or Chinese survived for thousands of years.

    The most valuable contribution the US made to the world culture is the Golden Age of Hollywood movies together with musicals, Jazz and crooners like Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, etc. Mind that Anglo-Saxon culture is dominant in the USA.
    As for the pop and the like, firstly it was born in the UK, and secondly it's more a commercial product that spread like a plague all over the world with rather negative results, than cultural enrichment.

    I'm glad you share my view on "the option to go away and maybe it's better to have no sexual relationship at all, than a bad one". Not clinging to a male at any cost would make many women free.

    Thanks for commenting Clarissa, and I'm happy you find the post at least a bit helpful.

  7. But Stella, the antique Rome is the most successful example we had in western history. It lasted over many centuries, but of course no human work can last forever. Another successful example was the „heilige Römisch=Teütsche Reich“ (the Roman-German Imperium) since the late middle-age, up to Napoleon's invasion. They could have called this as well 'United States of Germany' and they had plenty of diversity. Very interesting for example is the history of French Huguenots in the German State Brandenburg: They fled because the sun-king had persecuted them and this made Brandenburg's diversity even richer. Brandenburg=Preüssen then became too mighty and made war against their own „Käyser“ (empereor) in Vienna and this was the beginn of the end. A very good example for diversity of the German-Roman Empire was the famous chief-commander Prince Eugen: German fascists always tried to 'germanize' that smart guy, but in fact his ancestors where French, Italian, German, ... and he had been raised in France. He defeated tremendous French and Turk invasions almost at the same time. Jugoslavia (you mentioned it) was quite involved in all those conflicts, but this wasn't a culture that grew 'naturally' by itself: Prince Eugene defeated the Turks there and so it became a part of the German State Austria. As we all know, this caused great trouble in German history: World War I was caused in Jugoslavia, later Hitler took it and finally the Soviets. So it was no wonder, that Jugoslavia sort of exploded after the end of the Soviet Imperium. And Jugoslavia is a pretty good example for anti-diversity, they killed each other during the 1990s, because they didn't tolerate diversity. Jugoslavia was just the result of cruel robberies and that had been going on even since the early middle-age, when the Huns invaded. Sorry, I don't know much about Asian cultures; I always tried to stick to my cultural roots, to feel authentically.

    You probably feel „happy“, experiencing confirmation, when somebody seems to feel almost the same like you. Sometimes this makes me feel happy too. It is the reason why I stuck at Jean Arthur as kind of soul-mate. Yes, it's true that I don't need to approve relationship at any expense. I just don't need it. My brother is absolutely different from that. He said he needed people around him, unless he'd die like a flower without sun. I'm always looking for quality and I can be quite a long time all by myself – quite happily. Jean was just like that. But certainly this contains the danger of 'spiritual inbreed'. A few years ago I worked with midi-synthesizers, composing, singing and producing videos. I bumped into a sound technician who gave me a warning: „What you're doing is musical inbreed!“ And he was perfectly right. We worked on various projects together in his studio, until he moved to another city. This really developed and improved my style.

    Well, as you surely know, art is kind of riding on a knife and nothing is absolutely right or wrong. And you can always fall to one of both sides. My voice-teacher was an opera-singer and he taught me exactly this: A quality-tone is always at the most dangerous point, just where the voice might tipp over; the teacher helps the student to overcome his fear to be courageous enough and risk that. The same thing happens to Empires and their diversity, as the U.S.A. - funny they call it the new Roman Imperium, even with a Capitol. The Dollar is based on the old German „Thaler“, the currency of the old Roman-German Imperium.

  8. You think, Britain is the home of pop? Well, they just borrowed elements from American Rhythm & Blues, but this wasn't the end of American Pop. After Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley's generation was pretty successful and then there was the worldwide hype of Soul – in spite of American racism a product of cultural diversity. Whitney Houston is based on a huge musical standard – her voice is genius and so are the compositions of her producers. Maybe Rap and Techno might be the end of American culture – I just hope I'm evilly pessimistic in this point ... - Just to be just: The British Empire was pretty successful too and it ended in World War II. This was the point where America began to dominate even political.

    I heard a certain call-in program on NPR that made me less pessimistic. Many callers where afraid of increasing racial diversity, asking whether the U.S.A. might loose her identity, because the European part of population is getting smaller and smaller. But the studio-guest (I don't remember from which University he was) answered, that all those Emigrants from Asia were developing an American identity. Instead of forming Asian communities they're quite successful Americans and they even interbreed with all the other races in the U.S. - So this might be the origin of another successful American period? Hopefully with more tolerance, democracy and social justice ...

    This all began when God created man and woman – via evolution – but I wouldn't say that he loved the man more than the woman. As long the power of muscles where the striking factor, women were weak. Today many men are afraid, because they see that we're pretty smart, Stella. Several men admitted this to me and I couldn't really help them, because they're darn right. Well, modern weapons can be used by women easily as well, so male domination belongs really to the past. Many women don't see this, but in future they will take their chances more and more ...

  9. Roman Empire was successful not only because it lasted long, but also because it was the source of all the most beautiful things in this world --exquisite art, together with Roman alphabet, Roman law, etc, etc, etc. As you rightly mentioned the USA’s basic structure draws on it.

    Cultural diversity has been Yugoslavia's undoing, it was made up of nationalities that have hated each other for centuries and always will due to their cultural and religious differences, and were forced to coexist, especially by the Soviets. So they periodically indulge in mutual massacres, I've seen a lot of similar situations all over the world, since I've been to many places and not as a tourist.
    Not any cultural inflow enriches a country; it depends on its quality -- Vandals sacked Rome in the 5th century and destroyed a lot of cultural heritage.

    I doubt Asians or other ethnic groups really integrate into a different culture or even want to. Some individuals do, but the majority stick to their habits (like wearing paranja, for instance), and deep down don't see themselves as part of the western society even having the citizenship.

    Men are in general and consider themselves smarter than women (I don't mean knowledge), that's why they dominate on all the levels of the society: the brains, not the brawn, is what gives the power to rule.

    If men are afraid of women today it's because they are getting increasingly effeminate, while women are getting more androgynous, which blurs the distinction between the two sexes.

    I do think God punished woman more than man, check for yourself how men get the pleasure part of almost everything.

  10. During the middle-age they thought that way - that the woman had gotten sin into our world. Therefore women were despised and hated. But Stella, this is evil thinking of human minds. The difference between God and our world is perfection and imperfection. Well, I'm imperfect. Whenever I have to care about a group of boys and girls, I like the girls much more than the boys. I tried to overcome this unjust liking and disliking, but it didn't work.

    I couldn't believe in a God, who acted that way. IVPIER was that way: moody and sometimes even mean. But I'm pretty sure, that such God never existed in reality. A creator who created creatures like you and me must be unthinkable genius and wise. And such huge wisdom can't correspond with moody disliking. I think you're humanizing God, if you pretend, he'd like men more than women.

    In fact the egg is older than chickens - even older than all kind of birds - but I was joking. I don't really think, that the woman was made before the man. Nature isn't like the keys of a piano, where all tones are tuned precisely. It's more like a slide-trombone: Between C and C♯ you have an almost endless number of tones – maybe it is endless indeed. It's the same in evolution: The principle male/female is much older than human beings are. And nobody can be sure, where the common animal ends and the human being begins. This evolutionary process was so extremely slow, going on in countless steps ... there is no black and white, but countless shades and tones. - I'm pretty much convinced, that those guys who wrote Genesis 2:18, where relatively primitive and very-very naive. I don't take that stuff too serious.

    The certain men I talked to, weren't afraid of becoming more and more feminine. They saw women becoming increasingly mighty and they were perfectly right. Those successful women are thinking quite optimistic, Stella. On the other hand there are many women who hold the process of emancipation off. Some are very conservative and don't want any change. Others are depressive, because of personal experiences. Many others are just being pessimistic. But they all won't hold of the process forever – they can't stop evolution. In fact emancipation of men and women is part of evolution.

    Men THINK they're smarter (but in fact they aren't!)?? - Do you know Deborah Tannen's "You just don't understand - Women and Men in Conversation"? Very-very interesting! - Example: She is just trying to be nice - social behavior. But he thinks being nice means nothing but weakness. That's asocial and dumb, Stella! Many women are still too yielding indeed - on the other hand yielding is social behavior as well. Many men hate yielding, they think it's also weakness. But social behavior becomes more and more important today - so-called soft skills. Many men don't get it, and those are the guys who fear successful women.

  11. I forgot one point:

    Why should men have more pleasure? I don't see this. We can have all the pleasures, they have as well. Name me just one pleasure, we couldn't get? I think, there isn't any. I think there is something in the thinking of many women, that blocks pleasure. But it's not in reality.

  12. Of course I don't believe woman brought sin into this world, but it's her who's carried the can ever since. I know as little as anyone else about God's likes and dislikes, I just judge by the facts. Anyway, I'm going to write about it in the next part of my Bible series.
    Actually, life is both like piano keys and slide-trombone (see my posts about quantum physics if you're interested).
    Obviously people who wrote down the Bible were primitive and targeted primitive audiences, therefore probably everything in this book should be understood metaphorically, which leads to misreading, deliberate misleading and warped misconceptions.
    I've already pointed it out in the first post about the Bible.
    Intelligent men don't fear intelligent women, they seek them as friends and partners. I couldn't live or make friends with a fool, either.

    But let's face it, in general men are smarter in terms of mentality and attitude, that's why they rule the world and not women. It's the most intelligent who dominates, not the strongest. Compare humans vs animals.

    Social behaviour is a manifestation of mutual respect, or at least it should be.

    I never said men should get more pleasure, they shouldn't, but they actually do. Facts speak for themselves: woman usually has to pay for every pleasure she gets. One of the clearest examples is procreation -- men were assigned the fun part, while women have to suffer 9 months and plus go through the ordeal of childbirth.
    Couldn't we just lay eggs? No animal suffers so much.

  13. No woman is bound to get children. Even Jesus said it was better being rather not married. Yes, if you don't carry the can, as a woman, people won't like you - above all other women(!). But people never liked Prophets and Philosophers. They hated them, they laughed at them and partly they even killed them. So this is a reason why MINERVA had to be a warrior as well. She blinded men, who looked at her - what a mighty sign! Well I wouldn't like to blind anybody or harm anyhow, but I like MINERVA as a symbol. There is no reason for me to adjust. I know what I'm standing for and I fight for it.

    Yesterday one of our favorite bloggers wrote until about 1:00 AM, although he can't sleep anyway these days. Is he having fun? I know how awfully I sleep after writing after midnight. And I don't do it, because I care for myself.

    You didn't name me examples for male pleasures. Having girls? We could have girls too, I know where the lesbian places are in my town, but I don't believe in it. Actually women aren't better than men - I knew lesbians who treated their lovers most miserable. Once I watched a lesbian couple in a super-marked - I knew at once they were lesbians: She was just behaving and talking like an arrogant wife, who considers her 'husband' a dope. Well, 'he' was rather clumsy - merely self-confident - and I know she had picked 'him' out just because of those 'silly-husband' qualities. She had always been looking for a ridiculous dope like that. What a disgusting rattle-snake!

    Actually my conscience isn't too bad, because I rather support female children. I just wanna' help them to feel stronger. Boys are feeling big enough alright - and very often too big. But the fact is, that many mothers support their sons much more than their daughters. After all there is kind of mare-biting going on between girls and woman. They forgive timbers in the eyes of men, but rather not a hair in an eye of a woman.

    Most human beings are not free. Men and women just stick to traditional rules and they haven't got the courage to break them. This is reason enough to be impatient:

    "They also shared with her a certain impatience - disgust, even - with human beings as they are, and a vague, idealized yearning for what humans might become, biologically speaking, in the future. It was as if they felt they were born a million years too soon."

    John Oller just reported Jeans thoughts, so it's fair to remark that SHE was right - maybe Oller had an another opinion. But from her standpoint, all the men I watch, are just as disgustingly dumb as women are.

  14. In a way I'm silly too:

    I don't know, from where you're writing, Stella. I just thought "she's British alright". But you could even be in an African country, where it might be much more difficult to break rules (now I looked up

    I'm living in a free country, where it's relatively easy to break traditional rules. In other places of this world women make completely different experiences. But my convictions are certainly still the same.

  15. Clarissa, you contradict yourself: you said that without sex humanity would die off. Having children is a physiological need for most people. It's not a question of our personal decisions, but of natural processes that clearly favour men ¬— if a couple decides to procreate, he's going to have fun and she'll have to pay for hers. Even if a woman decides not to have children, she has to go on the Pill, not him!, with concomitant side effects. A strain of papilloma virus causes cervix cancer in women, but doesn’t affect men; men don’t have that annoying time of the month — these are just a few examples of advantages men have over women.
    You’re right about many mothers being more lenient and conniving to sons, thus showing preference to them — I always say that sexism first comes from women rather than men.
    No doubt, one way or another most of us are slaves, and no wonder men aren’t much better than women — after all we belong to the same species.
    Jean Arthur was right: some people were in truth born a million years too soon.

  16. African or Asian countries are extreme examples of sexism and slavery, but even in Britain, the US or Europe there's a lot of subtle male (and other kinds of) domination. For some reason most key positions in all these countries are held by men (from well-off families).

  17. Sometimes I'm contradicting myself, but this time rather not. The majority gets children anyway, as all animals do. But there is still a minority of enlightened individuals - and they don't need that - emotionally. If sexual intercourse with men is really that awful, as you say, those individuals won't do it. Call them humans, that have been born a million years to soon. I just say, they have real dignity and they don't deserve that. Humanity needs those enlightened women and men - we haven't got enough of them yet. Our whole world needs reasonable, considering individuals who are really able and willing to save their environment - people who really work to stop war (but not without arms at all).

    All those who aren't ready to give up their 240 watt TV,* and smoking, and drinking, ... are violating themselves every day. They haven't got real dignity and convictions - and they haven't got a conscious to feel the pain. But if you have, you just write the way how you wrote above. The next step is to say: "Not me!"

    I know women, who didn't marry even 300 years ago. Well, people were talking and shaking heads about them. But if you want prevent people talking about you and shaking heads, you just have to live like rabbits. So let'em talk and shake heads. I don't see physiological needs - people are just psychologically handicaped, it's nothing but neurotic thinking. Why does a woman need a man? That's just a phrase, a cliché.

    Yes, I always forget Africa and Asia. I don't know how to help humans, who obviously have been born 500 years too late - if I see it from my western culture. But they scream at once "that's colonialism" and "we've got our own culture, we're different" - but I don't buy that. If they obviously want all those negative things, constantly defending them, speaking about tradition, I just look somewhere else. I'm very much interested in the history of my own culture - humanism - above all from the late 1600s and early 1700s. There I find a lot of positive thoughts, that partly even haven't been realized in the 2000s.

    Men are welcome too, to discuss all those wonderful thoughts. And if there are girls and women in my city, who wanna' know how to live without 'sex' (actually this silly expression means nothing but SEXVS: male/female!), I'll tell them. How to learn to love yourself and to find something like dignity in yourself. Then you're really able to love other people - without hurting each other.

    What I said when I joined your blog, Stella, goes for Tracy and Dexter: Let those rabbits be just rabbits, nature needs those creatures. Why should I get upset, because a pair of monkeys bite each other somewhere on a tree. I don't know how to convince those animals not to hurt other. Same goes for Tracy and Dexter.

    * My screen has just 24 watt - so I would need 10 screens to use up as much electricity as a 240 watt TV. That's tough!

  18. I had kind of "key position" years ago, in an Open Channel, dominating female TV about 90%. I didn't produce programs about women-issues. I just used the studios to be creative and it was great fun. - When the boss of that institution wanted to make an official live-program (for example on election-day) the asked me to help them. The women's representative of that town heard too, that I was pretty handy and she invited me. So I met with her and the most active feminists and lesbians: They wanted to get their items to public.

    Well, I made kind of bargain with them: My idea was to educate those women - to make them able producing their own programs. To demonstrate them, how great the fun can be, I proposed a bluebox-day in the great TV-studio. So we all met in the studio ...

    Jeanette brought awful housewife stuff into that studio: Artificial fruits, ducky little doilies, but I didn't criticize that. I just covered a box with blue fabric, let her sit like a little fairy on a fruit and she was laughing. Well, bluebox is real magic - you can do almost everything. - Nevertheless I couldn't get those darn girlies, behind the screen, to try the vision-mixer (is not too difficult!). They weren't curious at all, just fooling around and that was enough.

    The next conference day the women's representative asked for further ideas and Jeanette answered: "I wanna' go back to that bluebox-studio and have fun and Clarissa is doing the technical stuff."

    They never saw me again - I had just wasted my time. Now don't tell me this was evidence for stupidity of women - we had male users, who where almost dumb like monkeys, but they liked to play with technical stuff and did their rotten sport-live-programs. Jeanette was a bright little young woman! But she was full of women-clichés. I'd just say: lost for evolution and 25 years born too late (as many others!).

    Well, I can take that - I don't complain. I discuss all those things with Jean and a few other reasonable people and that's all right with me. I can't go through walls, just use the sidewalk like other people. It might be better, if I could just walk through all those walls, but I'd be silly if I cried over that disability.

  19. Obviously, there aren't enough people with dignity in this world, willing to let go of even a small part of their modern comforts in order to save the environment.

    Most people's brain is controlled by hormones, which accounts for their behaviour. But these are males and females, while men and women need each other on a higher emotional and intellectual level, which is one of the most beautiful aspects of life on this planet.
    Dignity consists in choosing to be on your own rather than with a wrong person.

    Colonialism forced Western civilization on peoples that weren’t prepared for it, resulting in more harm than good.
    Mind you, no one invited us there; however, it’s true they still cling to their savage traditions they call “indigenous culture”, although it qualifies as such as little as our modern Western “art”.

    Women in general have less inquisitive minds than men; therefore a dumb man is still a bit smarter than a dumb woman. However, there're plenty of individual cases when a woman is much more intelligent than a man in every possible way.
    It’s also due to the difference between male and female mentality — men only feel completely fulfilled through their work, interests or any activity outside their family, women seldom feel fulfilled without a husband and/or kids. Of course, there’re exceptions, for example I was much more inquisitive and interested in science or technical stuff than any of my male school and university mates.
    But then, I’ve got a rather masculine mentality.

  20. We're all controlled by various hormones. Me too. But I think the striking element in my thinking and acting is honesty. This often is very shocking for people, but it belongs to my honesty to foresee that the majority won't like it. If I sold Jean Arthur as a cliché, it'd be a great success and I'd get more followers. In fact I lost one follower when I published "Evolution and Marital Moral" (he might think I'm nuts), but I won't change anything. I'm not gonna' fail the real Jean. Of course I would do a plain film-column, just selling Jean-on-screen, without mentioning her philosophy. Jean wouldn't object, but I wouldn't do it without pay.

    Jean was always yearning for people with real spirit. She hated smalltalk on parties. She tried to talk about Philosophy to a philosophy-professor. But he wanted to talk about his car(!). Two times I was lucky to contradict doctors of history years ago. That certainly was an offence by kind of simple farmer, trying to criticize a king. Well, I reported this in a history online-forum and the result was quite enlightening: People feel that I shouldn't contradict a doctor of history, because he's a doctor and everyone's got to believe in doctors and not in amateurs like me - even if the amateur presents an original Dictionary of 1719 with clear facts : the doctor had claimed a lot of hooey. But don't you think I feel hurt. I'm quite thankful to have learned how it goes in this humanity. They won't be able to safe this planet, if they're not being honest to themselves and to others. They won't - maybe until they've got nothing but dirty water to drink ... But I don't speak like a green activist. No, I hate that common wailing about environment. I just answer: "Show me your TV-screen ... how much watt?" Why, this is a great advantage. I won't waste any more time listening to their backyard tiddle-taddle. They may all panic, I just go on planting my little 'apple-trees' rather happily (to speak with Martin Luther).

    Yes, colonialism wasn't nice at all. Our people were forced to go to wild countries with wild habits. And many of them lost their lives. I 'was' in those countries - 300 years ago. And I 'met' cruel African kings, acting as colonialists, even selling African slaves to European slave-ships. Why, the people in my quite left-winged city don't want to hear this. They like the cliché of bad west and good south/east. And I tell you something else they don't like to hear: Yoga is deadly, above all for the spine. When they feel pain in their back they might perhaps listen, but then it might be too late. - That's humanity - longhorns can't be duller.

    Just to make the absurdity perfect: Even a dumb man can be 'smarter' than a bright woman. But please don't tell yourself, you had a "rather masculine mentality": This kind of thinking is the only reason why girls and women are so afraid to be complete, wholesome humans. You hear this cliché in old films as in modern films: "If you wanna' win him honey ;) don't show your brain (; (; ..."

    Hey, you've got a google-add in this moment: "Real men do it her( )way!!" Don't know what they're trying to sell, but in this context it's very witty. Come to think of female modern men - quite modish thinking today: This is a stupid cliché too - I know female men even in the 17th and 18th century! Things aren't always that easy and that goes for my theories too: A woman with seven children can be quite enlightened and a woman without any children can be rather primitive.

    My father told me a 'nice' little story about Marilyn Monroe: Once she mentioned to a certain guy, that she was an artist, but he - obviously lacking of charity - answered she was nothing but meat. But I'm pretty much convinced, he didn't doubt her female mentality.

  21. Stella, here's the beginning of the thread, where C.K. Dexter Haven started my thoughts about this item:

    "Tracy has to forgive her father and her ex-husband in order to rid herself of the unwanted perfection personified label."

    Unwanted perfection stands for "rather masculine mentality". Finally she gives in (most woman do in the present state of evolution) and so the cliché of the stronger* and smarter man is confirmed once more. The man's gotta' win. Yes, Stella : it's an evil film. But I don't protest. I just annoyed them with pro-Apollonian/Minervian statements. The greatest joke on earth is forcing the devil to drink holy water.

    I certainly prefer "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" with Jean Arthur, playing the stronger and smarter female winner.

    * At war they were weak like women, wailing and crying like women. Maybe they suffered even more than women there(!). Punished by God.

  22. The difference between animals and human beings is that while being controlled by hormones we shouldn’t let them run away with us.

    I myself have had a lot of similar discussions with so called experts, and I would usually get tagged as self-opinionated upstart. Having a diploma or a university degree doesn’t necessarily imply intelligence. Actually, there’re hordes of dim-witted graduates that are diligently destroying our planet.

    No one claims African tribes were idyllic societies with democratic rules, in fact most of them were cannibals and slave holders, but that didn’t entitle Western savages (because the motives are the same as in prehistoric societies — to sack and enslave — the form’s become more sophisticated and “civilized”) to mess with them.

    I’ve been told that quite often — “If you wanna' win him, don't show your brain”, but I’ve never been interested in men that would be put off by a woman’s brain. To me “masculine mentality” is a positive feature of my personality, it means I’ve never been or considered myself subservient to a male, which is usually a key feature of feminine mentality.
    I admire women like Condoleezza Rice or Margaret Thatcher (regardless of their political colours), while Hillary Clinton is a woman without dignity in my book — she put up with her husband’s infidelity for years.

    Granted, there have always been feminine men, but now their number reached an all time high.

    Speaking of clichés, there were probably more enlightened women in 19th century than today, and it has little to do with being married or not or having children or not.

    BTW, I never liked Marilyn Monroe much precisely because she was the epitome of female sex object.
    Perfection is something any human being worth his/her salt should strive for — there’s no such thing as “unwanted perfection” (much less should it be associated with “masculine mentality”), it’s just sour grapes.

  23. Not let hormones "run away with us" - that has to do with papilloma virus: spread by human promiscuity - not by God. But if this is punishment by God, God is punishing female lady-bugs too, 'cause they get a mite via sexual intercourse, that eats 'em up (they have a truly anarchical sexuality). Spiders got a mean punishment too: she eats him up! But there is one more point in post menopausal 'punishment' of female humans: hormons suddenly switch off! ... feeling sick, osteoporosis - on the whole, she just withers up and you can see it.

    Now we might suggest, God was quite a sexist. I'd just say, God is perfection and his creatures aren't. We've got many faults. Well, the fault of our fellow-ladybugs is, they're too dumb to think about reasonable order. Humans have already started to think about this, but on the whole they didn't get it yet. But humanity is about to find results. I think estrogen-substitution therapy is a step in evolution. God created our world this way: it improves itself and human science is part of that. God wants perfection and justice, but it has to grow.

    Colonialism is human sin and not specifically western. And it can't be reason to deny our own culture - above all rationalism. In Africa they defend cruel traditions by reasoning against our rationalism. This is the actual point that bothers me and I don't accept it. Our culture was just higher developed, so our colonialism was more effective and successful than the colonialism of African kings. I rather reason about TV screens, getting bigger and bigger in our countries. If we have that stuff, people in Africa have the same darn right. Same goes for all those countless cars. Fine perspective for our environment ...

    If you mean "masculine mentality" in a positive way - without feeling any regrets or pain, it's absolutely OK. If I believe I'm a worm because people told me so, it's not OK. If I believe I'm a worm, because I like worms it's OK. What I can't accept is Camille, telling me she was "stupid". It seems, this has become part of my job here, to proof the contrary. She's very young and I have lots of hope. But she won't have much chances, if her folks always suggest she hadn't.

    I adore Hillary Clinton as genius orator and social conscience. I recently listened to a debate in the State New York and I was impressed how striking she was. She simply made all her opponents small. I guess Bill was small too, when the story with Monica came out. Who knows what agreement they made after this? I'm not much interested in private affairs of public persons. This even made me mad:
    It's a pretty good example for people, not accepting women without children. I don't say anything against Huey. But two of those "Gingerologists" did the same like the Catholic Church did with holy virgin Mary: They stated that Ginger Rogers was too wonderful, to be responsible. And so they accused her mother, without considering that this hurts Ginger.

    "Self-opinionated upstart" - this is just the way, academical aristocrats entrench themselves. Faculties are full of academical parasites, above all in humane sciences. But in fact they have a few industrious colleagues who would agree with us.

    Two weeks ago a singer found "I Wanna' Be Loved By You" in my papers on a jam session. She was very happy that I was unwilling to sing that. I said: "But you're not gonna' do those squeaky things..." - Why, that was exactly what she wanted to do. I just handed her that paper. Let her squeak, if she likes to play the part of a female insane. Actually that song is much older than "Some Like It Hot" - just another film that demonstrates that female humans seem to be something ridiculous. Did you ever consider this kind of punishment, Stella: God may have created woman as sort of female Punchinello or pantaloon ...

  24. Clarissa, it's male doctors who convinced gullible women that menopause is an illness and dupe them into going on oestrogen-substitution therapy so that they stuff themselves with hormones that will most likely end up causing them cancer, the only beneficiary being the Big Pharma. This is what I call subtle sexism.

    Healthy women hardly suffer any symptoms (unless there’re some underlying disorders in which case you’ll probably need medical treatment), and those who do should in most cases blame it on the Pill they’d been taking for years (and that disrupt the hormonal system) and junk food full of hormones and toxic chemicals. Neither my grandmothers, nor my mother ever had any uncomfortable symptoms (my grandmothers never even went to a gynaecologist since childbirth). BTW, the symptoms of menopause are much less severe in Asian women due to their diet rich in pulses. Without doubt, healthy lifestyle contributes to healthy menopause — work out, eat a lot of vegetables, don’t smoke. There’re also some natural remedies that help to relieve the symptoms (I can tell you if you’re interested).

    Men also have their share of divine punishment in this case, it’s called male menopause, but it’s much less advertised than women’s, besides men are usually much more reluctant to go to a doctor than women. The symptoms vary from cold sweat at night, the shivers, tachycardia, beer belly, prostate inflammation and the consequent difficult urination, to reduced sexual potency and even a sort of mental disorder that results in flashing, playing with their tool in public and in extreme cases even killing their wives / partners. Of course, similarly to women some men show no symptoms at all.

    Unfortunately science doesn’t improve us, it makes us weaker and thus more dependable on it, which is highly a highly lucrative business for numerous industries.

    You’re right, colonialism is inherent to human nature which is evil wherever you go. Stupid and cruel traditions should be abolished everywhere, but what will replace them? Consumerism that is destroying our environment and therefore our health? I always try to use as few technological devices as I possibly can, but most part of humanity is on a consumption spree and won’t listen to reason.

    Modern politicians prepare their speeches in advance and never write them themselves. They have an answer stock with ready answers for groups of questions, so their brilliancy depends on their ghost writers’ skills. I do care about their private lives because their morals and values, as well as their reliability is reflected in it and we pay their salaries, but on the other hand politicians are just PRs of the true powers that be operating behind the scenes, so probably it’s not that important.

    I wish women were as smart as Pulcinella, we would be more respected.

  25. Male doctors? All my doctors are female. As I wouldn't like to use the men's changing room, to entertain all the guys in there.

    Spontaneous fractures are a fact and those accidents above all happen to old women. Male secretion of testosterone goes down slowly over the years. They get their problems later than women, therefore their bones mostly are in a better condition. Well, this is the rule, but there are exceptions. Some women and men are very lucky, because their adrenal glands produce more hormones. I think this is a gift of nature and nature never was just to it's single individuals.

    I don't buy that old prejudice, that nature is good and pharma bad. It's nothing but romantic. Even vegetables have unhealthy side effects - traditional drugs, like chamomile tea and mint tea, have grave side effects (anyway it's advisable to drink plain tap-water). If you eat soybeans, you get estrogen too, because they produce it. But you can become soy-allergic - and even develop breast-cancer, because nature doesn't care whether hormones grow naturally or in a laboratory. If you have enough estrogen to get buy the danger to get breast-cancer is higher, because cancer-cells need hormons just like healthy cells. But as it seems, the danger isn't too extreme. Years ago American scientists tried to find evidence that estrogen therapy would cause breast cancer. They didn't find any, but they had a nice little side-effect themselves: They found out that vegetarians live longer.

    So you have the choice between pest an cholera: Growing old is very unhealthy, because the body is just dying slowly - but not growing old can be unhealthy too, because cancer-cells 'feel' quite healthy in a healthy body too. Many people just wanna' die, because they're afraid of death. They're even afraid to think about this problem. Well, I'm not. Death may be a quite natural phenomenon, but I don't accept it, because I'm absolutely convinced that it's our duty to improve nature. If human individuals would live 500 years, humanity would act much wiser.

    Healthy nutrition means no meat, no backed stuff (bread is burned starch and very harmful and cookies are even worse!), no heated oil or grease. In fact this isn't normal nutrition today and most people would just shake heads, but it's advisable.

  26. We all have our ghost-writers. All our informations come from other people. Of course, if a politician just receipts the stuff of ghost-writers, the result is rather weak and pale. Hillary Clinton works quite creatively with it and this makes her so very convincing. Condoleezza Rice sounds a little pale in my ears. Besides she defended Bush's policy with typically female blind loyalty - like many wifes their evilest husbands. Even Barbara Boxer is criticizing Mrs. Rice and she's conservative. Besides Mrs. Rice changed from red to blue, just because her father did the same. I find this quite odd, because I never do what my father expects me to do. I have my convictions and I feel Hillary has too and I like that.

    Use as few technological devices as possible? I'd like to, but other people don't give me much of a chance. The finest gig I ever had with my old swing-combo was for a political party: They got us, with a bus full of old people, to the country-side. Well, we played for them in a nice little restaurant, but the old people complained it was too loud. So my pals turned down their volume-gadgets as much as they could. But the old people were still complaining. So the guys of the certain party asked us to play without amplifiers. Our guitar-player was very unhappy, but I really loved it. I even sang without microphone, which I enjoyed very much. As a trumpeter I like to play low too, as I prefer to use mutes. During the 20s and 30s they used trumpet-mutes very often. It's much nicer, whereas an unmuted trumpet can be very painful - even cause damage to the eardrum.

    Well, I'm not 'normal': Most people like it fast and loud. I think they're just crazy. But in fact I have to live with all those crazy people and I have to compromise. I even had a jam-session, where the rhythm-section came that mighty over the PA, that I had to play my unmuted trumpet in front of a microphone. Well, I go there, to present myself to other jazz-musicians. If I meet somebody who likes to play unplugged, I certainly try to get him. Of course I'd like to convince HER too, but this is an extremely rare pleasure. Girls mostly say, they'd like to sing and I use to answer: "Me too!!" If she could play saxophone ore piano AND sing, I'd kiss her all over! I don't expect her to play trombone - her boyfriend might find this rather unwomanly. Maizie would never do this and this is exactly the reason why I enjoy watching Jean putting Maizie over her knee. I'm having this screenshot in my new issue today and I must always go there to see it again. Those Maizies always make me furious and now Jean gives them what they deserve. - Marvelous!

  27. Female doctors will tell you what male dominated medical science dictates to them.
    My grandmother’s family lived in rural area and I never heard of any old woman fracturing her bones just because of her age. But at that time people had to do much more hard work, eat healthy food (not pasteurised milk, for example) which contributes to denser bones. Today we can’t pull our butts out of the cars, our food is stuffed with hormones and plastic and we breathe polluted air, no wonder we are becoming increasingly weaker. How come all men I’ve ever asked to help me to carry something heavy refused on the ground of slipped disk? Just check out the hospital, you’d be surprised how many male patients need hip prosthesis. Men are simply physically stronger, have a heftier frame and do more exercise in general, that’s why their bones are probably less brittle, besides most of them don’t live long enough to get osteoporosis. I have my own statistics, although statistics have little relevance for each individual case.
    Menopause sets in males at about the same time it does in females, but unlike women men don’t admit or talk about it, so that their ego don’t suffer — they have to be superior in every way. Instead, they try to belittle women through convincing them that females start decomposing after turning 40.
    Healthy metabolism is the key.

    I guess they managed to brainwash you, nature is good if we don’t fight against it, and Pharma is a profit driven industry that doesn’t care a bit about your health. Try finding one single medicine that doesn’t have side effects, any disease with fully understood cause (except for some viral infections) or that is completely curable.
    Who on earth told you that chamomile tea and mint tea have side effects? Probably those who want you to keep buying their chemicals. They didn’t tell you that exhaust fumes, asphalt and radiation cause cancer, did they?

    Granted, certain conditions require modern medical treatment, but maybe it’s because nobody is interested in finding natural remedies for them (Casualty, aka ER, is quite another matter). Tap water is full of heavy metals, pharmaceutical products, drugs and hormones that end up in the rivers via our urine, so you take them unwittingly.

  28. Asian women who eat a lot of soy beans hardly ever have breast cancer, now if soy beans have been genetically modified or mixed with other chemicals, it’s a different story. Our bodies are adapted to natural hormones thanks to thousands of years of evolution, but not to artificial ones that have just been around for about hundred years. To believe that we are wiser than Nature is the stupidest mistake humanity has ever made, which will be our undoing as a species. That’s why we have epidemic cancer and other weird diseases. Nothing grown in laboratory is beneficial to our health. Estrogen therapy can cause cancer — doctors themselves warn about it, just do some research.
    So far we haven’t improved nature in any way, we are just slowly destroying ourselves, western nations are bound to die out, while less developed countries will probably survive since they are much less dependent on technology than us. Crocodiles have been on this planet for hundreds of millions of years, while humans have existed for hardly a million at most, and will most likely survive us. So much for our big and sophisticated brains. I’d love to live 500 years, but had it been possible we would’ve destroyed the Earth long ago. I doubt longer life would make us wiser.
    You’re right about healthy nutrition, junk food makes people sick and meat makes you age faster. Actually human body doesn’t need meat at all. But the industry will keep hammering away at the opposite.

    I don’t trust any politician, but I could say Hillary is blindly defending Obama’s policy, too, in this case it’s a question of political loyalty and party line, rather than of women. I couldn’t care less about either of them as politicians, but as a woman Ms. Rice didn’t put up with a husband that had been cheating on her for 20 years, but Hillary just didn’t want to ruin family business. I just don’t like the idea of such people ruling over us, and the gift of the gab doesn’t make a good politician, but rather a good swindler. Politicians don’t have convictions, they have interests.

    It’s true, the society imposes the use of technological gadgets on us, but I just do my best to avoid engaging in excesses.
    I don’t like it loud either, but if a trumpet has to play at full blast there should be enough space.
    You are fortunate to have such a wonderful profession.

  29. We're not wiser than nature, right. The point is, we're still part of nature - and so are our 'artificial hormones' - whether produced by cultivated plants or cultivated bacteria. I think you're idealizing Asian women. Breast cancer is a very old item, I even read about it in original letters and books of the 17th and 18th century.

    Your philosophy reminds me of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: He constructed a conflict between human civilization and nature. Today many people see this theoretical antithesis as a fact - it's in the brains as an old cliché, but I don't think it's really true. People take this very serious in a dramatical way and imagine kind of human cultivation-tragedy. It would be better to forget those clichés and think more independently: The real problem is, that humans still behave like dumb animals, hardly using the possibilities of their brains.

    The second point I see is, that diseases like cancer are just one of those accidents that happen in nature. Sometimes humans do cause this themselves, but they're not responsible in every case. Maybe people feel less fear, if they imagine, that cancer COULD be avoided, IF we would "go back to nature". The truth is, that nature is full of terrible diseases - animals suffer from that since millions of years. It's just the result of imperfection - all creatures suffer from that, because this creation isn't perfect yet.

    I don't think, all politicians are really that mean and cheap, as people always pretend. The majority is even worse in my eyes - many people I watch out in the streets seem much more disgusting to me. On election day they vote just for those politicians - partly because they need somebody to hate. And the silly way they're always complaining about their own votes, makes it even more disgusting to me. I rather trust Hillary Clinton, than most of those people I always see in shopping malls. And I don't want to join their silly complaining and hating. If politicians are just bad, the majority is even worse. But I don't like to see politics all negative, because I don't believe in anarchism. Modern politics is nothing but efforts to compromise between milliards of human minds. Everybody thinks he's right, but there's no other way than to go on trying to compromise. It's imperfect, like all human efforts, but there's no other way. That's politics.

  30. Trumpet - full blast? Caused my worst asthma-attacks ever. Professional trumpet playing is very-very unhealthy. The higher or the louder, the greater the danger: raised intraocular pressure, cerebral hemorrhage, damage to pulmonary alveoli - and over the years it can cause a heart condition. Most trumpeters don't like to hear that and protest, but I think it's true. Though, I'm pretty much convinced that reasonable, moderate trumpet playing is quite healthy. Certainly many people don't like to hear that: Full-blast trumpets are 'good' old tradition. So this is an example, that very old habits can be as harmful as modern habits. Of course people exaggerated this problem in former times. In 1752 Johann Joachim Quantz had to justify in his book, that playing the flute wouldn't be unhealthy. To certain people of his time, this was just a bad habit of modern civilization - above all the relatively new style, Jean Baptiste de Lully had created for the sunking - soon adapted by composers like Handel. Lully had improved all instruments - above all strings and oboes became much louder since then. To many traditional thinking people this was just dreadful. Lully's orchestra scandalized them like grandmother was afraid of the Rolling Stones. Well, I never liked the Rolling Stones, but I think Richard Wagner wasn't less crazy and somehow Lully was crazy too (although I love his music!).

    In former times people also complained about modern civilization and idealized the past. Sin, imperfection is not only in the present, but in the past as well. In real life there is no place for romantic and nostalgic sights. If we consider breast-cancer a result of human sin, sin means just imperfection. It's not punishment of women, it's part of human distress. We shouldn't demonize modern pharmacology, because we need it. My pet-bird would have died 16 years ago without antibiotics – Peggy got weaker and weaker, it was the last chance. Last November bacterias got my kidney's so badly - they would've killed me too. Although antibiotics aren't healthy, Peggy and I would be just dead without this.

  31. Artificial hormones are not part of the nature because they weren’t created by natural evolutionary mechanisms.

    Nothing could be further from my mind than idealising Asian women, they have other health problems due to their stupid traditions.
    The truth of the matter is, breast cancer was extremely rare in the past, while today it’s become an epidemic.
    Besides, how do we know the cases described in the past were indeed cancer? Since we can only make conclusions from the descriptions of the symptoms and without seeing the patients it could have been cists or fibromas. Even modern doctors sometimes fail to make an exact diagnosis with all the technology on hand, much less by talking to the patient by phone. There’re lots of reports of false x-ray positives.

    There is a conflict between human civilisation and nature (for example, look at the Gulf of Mexico) precisely because we’re using our brains in the wrong way.
    In addition to natural diseases we’ve been diligently creating new ones, BTW wild animals are much less susceptible to illnesses than domesticated ones, just like wild mammals don’t need any external help when giving birth. Going back to nature doesn’t mean returning to caves, 19th century level would do to keep the civilization sustainable.

    Sorry, but I don’t believe in any politicians — honest and decent people don’t make it to politics — and the masses aren’t any better. Napoleon was quoted as saying that every nation deserves it’s government.

    Of course playing the trumpet at full blast is harmful to the ears, what I meant is that sometimes you have to play forte, and it’s true that many musicians suffer partial hearing loss. Well, we are all exposed to some kind of occupational hazard.

    I never idealised the past, humanity has always been evil and stupid ( you said it — sin is imperfection), I wouldn’t care if it weren’t for the fact that today we’re destroying our home. We have survived thousands of years without much technology and modern medicine, but I doubt we’re going to last much more than 200 years with all our advanced science. Our mentality isn’t just ready for high-tech civilization.

    Why did your bird got ill in the first place? (BTW, sorry but I consider it a terrible cruelty to keep an innocent bird in jail/cage just for our amusement). It could have probably been cured with natural remedies just as well. The same goes for your health problems, asthma is an allergic autoimmune disease caused mainly by air pollution (when I was in school none of the children had asthma, today it’s an epidemic), and the cause of your kidney problem should have been investigated.

    Sometimes you do have to take antibiotics and they do save lives, but their abusive use leads to bacteria growing resistant to them. Doctors are happy to sell as much as possible, they don’t need healthy people — they need patients. On some occasions I didn’t take the antibiotics (or the doses) doctors prescribed for me and did well. Members of my family were cured by herbal decoctions, while the doctors either couldn’t help them or offered an operation as the only solution. I just speak from experience.

  32. My feathered pal isn't an ordinary 'jailbird'. She was a wild one with an injured - almost stiff - wing. I decided to keep her instead of let the doctor kill her. Years later the doctor said she seems to be happy (he always refused pay from me - so not all doctors are just after the money). I'm not going to investigate any more in her case.

    All your investigating sounds depressingly unrelaxed and I'm beginning to get headaches over it. I'm very curious and interested, but fighting windmills would just kill me. I see the Philadelphia Story quite amused and my thoughts about it are just ironic. But now I feel, I'm running out of my irony and that's very unhealthy too. I don't eat meat, because I like animals, but most vegetarians drive me crazy with their extremely heated arguing and trying to convert everyone.

    If I see and hear junk on my father's TV-screen, I just go to my appartment, or use earplugs and read a book. There's a lot of junk on TV - I dislike even the sensational pictures in news. And those boasting male and effected female speakers are getting on my nerves. But I don't investigate this, I just skip it. I don't listen and I don't see it. I have no TV - not because I hate TVs, I don't like it and that's enough. No windmill-fighting against cheap TV-programs. I just do things I like and skip things I find negative. I try to relax.

    Frankly, I wouldn't have bought the Philadelphia Story, if I knew it was practically the same stuff like High Society. I still like High Society, because of the music, much better. And after the discussion on Hollywood Dreamland I still see the story quite critical. But I'll never waste my energy to convert all the Tracies in this world. It's useless and it's unhealthy for me. I just relax.

    How did bacteria get into urethra? Just take a microscope an wait until they're coming and than start an investigation. I'm not that way. Some things just happen. I do what I can to help myself and maybe others and skip the headaches about this. It seems, bacteria have a right to live too and if they choose me, it's one of those processes that happen every day in nature. Sometimes I tell my family, they should drink much more, but if they don't mind, I don't start arguing. Sometimes they get a little tip but I keep to try seeing those things relaxed.

    I see arts relaxed too. Art is ruining many people and I just shake my head. I avoid fanatic musicians and dancers. Those people are ill-behaved. I'm not investigating this, I just want muse-slaves to stay away from me, because their point of view isn't doing me any good. I play trumpet every day and I do it relaxed. No stressing, no high pressure and no "forte". I am free to decide this, because in small jazz-groups the player is composer and arranger too.

    I am allergic to mites and my doctor did a little investigate. His theory is just worms and maybe he's right, because my brother got worms, because he was crazy about every dog as a little boy - until he was bitten. Well, my doctor said, worms often cause mite-allergy. So who's now guilty in this case? The worms, the dogs, my brother, or was it me as a silly little girl, because I didn't touch him with gloves? See, how useless investigations can be ...

    The truth is, that you need help yourself. You got to learn to relax. I do now, because I got to do my trumpet-rehearsing. Maybe the world will be blown up in 200 years, or in 2 years, or in two days, or even today. Maybe. Well, I just do my trumpet playing and than I got to see a 'most dangerous' woman, who's just after my money: my doctor.

  33. I didn’t mean you in particular when I mentioned birds in cages, you did well saving the bird.
    I don’t investigate too much, I mostly observe and try to make logical conclusions.
    I agree about TV, although I learned many things thanks to it.

    Actually I’m quite a relaxed person, even too laid-back at times and I don’t really fight against anything — just express my ideas. Curiously, I don’t eat meat for the same reason (you’re the second person with the same attitude of mind on this point I’ve ever met), besides I hate its taste. But it doesn’t mean I have to be a strict vegetarian, there’re dairy products, eggs and fish.

    I love High Society — Sinatra, Bing Crosby, the music, the dancing, it’s a masterpiece.

    Bacteria usually get into urethra through sexual intercourse (conventional doctors say so, not me), but sometimes already present (we all have them) and usually harmless bacteria can get activated if your immune system has weakened. There’re certain things you can take to reduce the risk of relapse (also recommended by conventional doctors).

    Great musicians never play stressed; whatever the cause fanaticism is always a dangerous insanity.

    I didn’t say all doctors were bad, although it’s difficult to find a really good one.
    Sorry, but this is ridiculous — worms causing allergy to mites? Allergies practically didn’t exist in the past, they’re caused by global contamination, excessive use of detergents and other chemicals in everyday life, which eliminates all germs and makes our idle immune system attack parts of our own body (according to modern medicine, not me).

    Anyway, it’s an immune system disorder, just one of so many produced by our civilization.
    If your doctor is so good, why do you have to visit her so often? ;-)

  34. Peggy and I are on a train now, to visit my family. She knows it already, we do that twice a year. I think it's better to care for handicapped birds, instead of catching healthy ones somewhere. Animals sometimes adopt other species too – it's natural.

    Bacteria ... urethra ... sexual intercourse. Ho-hum, my doctor wouldn't say such a thing - must be sort of sexual stimulating to some male doctors, to imagine such a thing. Well I know why I go where I go ...

    You don't fight? Oh, I'm quite a fighter – even trained in fencing – but certainly only if I feel threatened. After I had mentioned Peggy, you reminded me a wee bit of Blackwater – shooting before investigating. I'm just kidding now. ;) - No, I have the feeling, things are annoying you, that can't be changed anyway. If I have the feeling it's useless, I don't pay attention any longer. Maybe I despise secretly, but I hardly show it. I just shake my head and smile. My blade might be blunt otherwise, if I should need it.

    I love Eleanor Powell, but her final tap-scene in „Broadway Melody of 1936“ causes great pain in my back. She is dancing perfectly swell, but must she bend down backwards twice? This causes great damage to the spine. Years ago I read about an Argentinian Opera singer in a newspaper. He said, he'd like to practice in front of the thundering ocean-surf. I just said to myself: „O my, how long will his voice stand that?“ About a year later I read in the same paper again about him. This time he said, he couldn't perform, because he had voice-problems.

    We talked about High Society. Bing Crosby was really a marvelous singer. First Sinatra was swell too. Since the late 40s loudly stressed high-notes became very popular. Since then people think, a good singer had to show great power. Frank Sinatra followed that new philosophy too and practically lost his voice over the years (it wasn't just alcohol). Whereas Bing Crosby still sang most beautifully even in the mid 70s – with over 70 years! Well, I didn't hear him in 1977, but guess he could do this even during the days before his heart-attack. Bing never stressed a high-note, he was always relaxed.

    Allergies weren't often recognized and hardly mentioned in former times, but they already existed thousands of years ago. It's not only artificial stuff that causes allergies. Our planet is just moderately habitable. Of course nobody has evidence, whether allergies are a greater problem today or not. Everybody is just guessing – and your guessing is pessimistic again, Stella. Well, I know that already. ;)

  35. As for the urethra, I just mentioned the official medical theory based on women accounts, or so they say. It’s not my opinion. You can do some research yourself.

    Sometimes too passive attitude on the part of grassroots leads to dictatorships, abuse, corruption, environment destruction, etc. There isn’t much we could do and I don’t usually worry about things I can’t change, but they annoy me because I struggle to prevent them from causing me harm.

    You’re totally right, singers who force their voices are likely to lose them pretty soon. No extreme is ever good.
    I adore Sinatra, Crosby (in High Society they are the epitome of class, cultured elegance and social gloss to me) and the crooners of that era.

    Modern medical research shows that allergy is much more common today than at the beginning of 20th century. Scientists say it’s a typical industrial era illness. Again, do some research.
    I have my own statistics, too. I’ve been to many rural zones in different countries, and old people there hadn’t even heard about allergies. My grandmother and most of her family grew up on the farm and she never knew anyone with allergy. We don’t know whether they existed thousand years ago, neither do we know anything about other diseases. I’m not guessing, I rely on facts, actually it’s you who is guessing. Burying your head in sand isn’t the solution either.

    Pessimist is a well informed realist ;-). Anyway, you don’t have to believe me, nor am I trying to bring you around to my point of view. I just express my opinion.

  36. Good, we know now, how bacterias got into your female Doctors. That's fine.

    Sinatra and Crosby just swell in High Society, right.

    Allergies: There are other scientists, who don't believe what your scientists believe. And I don't trust my grandparents in this point, because they anyway say, everything was better when they where young. All those people are just being sentimental. Well, I'm sentimental too, but not in this point.

    No, a pessimist is just a fellow who desperately fights with windmills.

  37. That's why only trust what "agrees with my own common sense". Well, I guess some people just see what they want to see.

  38. No-no Stella, pessimists are quite sentimental people. They desperately need a better past, to console themselves. Just to stand the present.

  39. Actually, I made some fundamental mistakes in my early youth precisely because of being overoptimistic about certain things. Many things in the past were better, like movies and actors for example. There's no such thing as a better past or a better future, but there's always a bright present for the rich and powerful. And an optimist is Pollyanna living in cloud cuckoo land. The wisest thing to do is to find the happy medium: hope for the best and prepare for the worst. ;-)

  40. Many people feel unhappy in their present lives, so they guess it ought to be better anywhere else: in far away places, or in long ago times. This is absolutely human feeling. It causes the typical yearning to see distant places. I'm suffering from that too, otherwise I wouldn't have 'emigrated' to the 30s. But as philosophical thinking individual I mistrust this sentimental feeling, because it's a lie. Human memory is a lier anyhow. We all tend to lie to ourselves and others. I just try to be honest.

  41. That's what critical thinking means -- distinguishing between feelings and facts, but it all depends on the extent to which each person is able to see and differentiate between fact and opinion.

    Like I said, I rely on facts and logic, but even our feelings are sometimes provoked by the facts we simply aren't aware of. After all, we perceive the world through our senses, so we have to trust at least some of them.

    I don't tend to lie to myself, and I do trust my feelings when I know what causes them.
    What distinguishes humans from machines is precisely feelings.

  42. "Precise feelings" - that's too much, Stella. You can't really mean it! It was my fault - I just provoked you into carrying those thoughts that far.

    Here is something really positive: A new 'star' is born - I mean a new bright young woman started as Classic-Movie blogger and joined Dexter* 3 days ago. Nelly has something to say indeed, she's quite reasonable and I sure like that:

    Isn't that swell? Just the philosophy I prefer.

    * What's the matter with his followers - are they gonna' discourage him? "Hollywood Dreamland" is a jewel and I'd hate to miss that. We have backyard tiddle-taddle blogs enough, but Dexter has really a lot to say.

  43. Clarissa, I wrote "precisely", not "precise".
    For God's sake! My philosophy is pretty simple: preserve the best of the past and get rid of the worst. But as a society we do right the opposite.

  44. If you think the "-ly" makes it a wee bit more modest and human*. But maybe your feelings are just inerrant, like the pope?

    Must we have that argument, which things are the best or worst in the past, now too?

    How about asking young newbie Nelly - she has certain concepts about that item ...

    * Although I always stand by my feelings/ opinions, I sometimes change my mind - because I'm human - and humans are fallible. Well, I got to believe in my personal feelings, but not my fellow human beings. Do they, Stella?

  45. I just used it as emphasis.
    Only God is infallible. Still, we all stand our ground.
    Admittedly, life in the past was much harder than today, but paradoxically, the most beautiful things in this world were created in the past (I mean masterpieces of art).

  46. Yesssss-Stella, I just feel the same.

    But as I saw, there are people dreaming of the good old days of Star Trek. And they pretend, there would be great philosophy in that stuff. The only thing I can answer them is this: You may be happy in your space-ship, I personally find my happiness on a black & white Broadway stage.

    I'm not going to issue dogmas on sweet&hot. I'm just trying to provoke people's appetite ... just a wee little bit. These days it's awfully silent in the Classic Movies Village, so I gotta' do sometn' at least.


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