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Monday, 28 September 2009

Welcoming aindreagriffin.

Thank you for being the first follower to join my blog, aindreagriffin. I hope you'll stay for a while.
I'd also love to visit your blog, but your avatar shows no links. If you happen to pop by, please consider leaving a link to your site or its URL, that's if you don't mind, of course.
I'm going to write a new post sometime soon; and remember that you can also put forth a question for discussion on topic of your choice either as a comment or using the Get Answers gadget.

(You can ask your questions, submit answers and vote on the answers you think are the best in the Get Answers gadget below the posts. Just sign in first with GFC (the 'Follow' button) right above the gadget.)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A fix for the Get Answers gadget.

Fix it.
This gadget enables visitors to ask questions, submit answers and vote on answers, as well as leave comments on any topic, which, in my opinion, makes it one of the most useful gadgets. It also lets you find related articles on other sites.

However at first, it didn’t work at all, so I posted my issue on the Google help forum and learned that although the bug had been reported to Google no solution was found. Some users suggested there were a couple of bugs in the gadget source code, such as “core gadget data integrity bug” on FF (it stores different data on FF and IE).

Monday, 14 September 2009

What is swine flu in reality?

Swine flu Does this new mysterious virus actually have anything to do with pigs? Now they say it contains genetic material that is typically found in strains of the virus that affect humans, birds and swine. Well, always blaming it on animals, since they can't hire lawyers.

Has it escaped or been intentionally released from some lab where military experiments were being held? A way to control population growth? Most victims, especially deaths, were and are healthy people in their prime (fit for military service, by the way).
Looks like a biological weapon, along the lines of experiments CIA carried out during the cold war in UK: harmless bacteria were released on the Underground trains to see how they spread, among other tests on humans (well documented facts).

Sunday, 6 September 2009

A natural home remedy for common cold and flu
(and probably for swine flu as well).

As a child I used to play with all kinds of farm animals at close quarters: pigs, chickens, ducks etc, to say nothing of the presence of rats the size of hare that peacefully shared food with hens, scared the hell out of cats and couldn't care less about humans, but they never gave either me or anyone else any of their diseases. I also used to eat raw egg yolks and never heard of salmonella either – all these viruses are the product of modern industrial society, ushered in by battery hens, eggs, contamination or lab experiments.
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