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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Breaking down the Bible.
(Genesis, 1)

“The light and spirit of the Divinity are the wings of the soul.” — Plato

I’ve always believed that the Bible was one of the most abstruse, mysterious and mind-boggling books ever written in the world. That explains why there have been so many contradictory interpretations of the same text, none of which made the meaning any clearer, though. No doubt it’s a record of historical events, moral guidance and words of wisdom, but I wonder how much of its text was added by Pharisees and later Christian priests seeking to manipulate and enslave the uncultured masses, "survived the purging of texts considered to be heretical (either out of stupidity or in order to look after the clergy's mean interests) in the founding years of Christianity as a church", or was simply lost in translation. As an Italian saying goes: traduttore — traditore (a translator — a traitor). 
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