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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Brain-twister with answer.

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A brain-teasing question this time. A 13-year old boy challenged us to an apparently simple riddle. I suspect he just couldn’t find the answer. Much to my shame, I’ll have to rack my brain for quite some time — I’ve never been on good terms with numbers.
Anyway, can you beat us to it?

Here goes the puzzle:

Cut this square in four parts and rearrange it so that the sum of the numbers in each column, each row and each diagonal equals 34.

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  1. www.excuses-for-Sandrich-bullying-Ginger

    Figures are cold. Here you have something about humans. A director bullies an actress. Is it her fault, because she's to pretty? Or is he just trying to push her to her best? - Well, I think some people love the DVD - the cold plastic thing - much more than their favorite actress. They wouldn't fight for her, because they want to live in harmony with their little plastic stuff - no quarrels, no criticizing, everything was just fine and nice. Please don't ask any more questions!

    (This very sad issue already began in the issue before on Gingerology)

  2. "A sybarite's breakfast"
    This could've been painted 1660! Couldn't it?

    "Portrait of a man"
    This looks baroque too. Only the duke wears a modern necktie.

    I sure like that!

  3. I'm not surprised Ginger was bullied by Sandrich. I also heard she didn't get along with Fred either, although I'm reluctant to believe it. Men often bully women they like, especially those they can't get, regardless of the women's looks.

    It happened to me a couple of times -- men behaved in a really weird way. I even lost my job once because of my boss coming on to me.
    We'll never know the truth, though. You'd have to witness the relationship in order to judge whether he was pushing her to bring out the best in her or simply bullying her.

    I'm glad you noticed my pictures. Actually, it's rather High Renaissance style than baroque. Anyway I try to follow methods of old schools and masters, but in fact I just paint what I see the way I see it.


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