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'The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained.'
(David Bohm)


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Unknown Sayings

A word to the wise...
Over years I heard a lot of curious sayings from my grandma. So I thought they might be fun to read...

Socrates teaching
Socrates teaching

1. ‘Better a loss with a wise man than a profit with a fool.’

2. ‘The lazy do twice and the stingy pay twice.’

3. ‘Don’t dig a hole for thy brother, use the one he had dug for you.’

4. 'Long live my enemies so that I stay alert.'

5. ‘I tried my hardest for you and managed it for myself by the skin of my teeth.’

6. ‘The surest way to get cheated is to think yourself cleverer than others.’

7. 'Where your destiny lies, there your feet will take you.'

8. 'A stone will catch up with a poor man uphill.'

9. 'Make a fool pray, and he’ll bust his forehead.'

10.  'A gift is like a loan you’ll hardly avail yourself of — you gain no profit, but run into debt.'

11. 'A wise man won’t climb a mountain, he’ll make a detour.'

12. 'Rid me of friends, I’ll get rid of enemies myself.'

13. 'Where there are no dogs cats are made to bark.'

14. 'A corpse tagged along after a cadaver for the directions to the graveyard', (my grandmother used to say about two equally helpless or clueless individuals).

And following suit here go our own quirky lines:
1. 'There exists just as much Good in the world as is necessary for the upkeep of Evil.'

2. 'The excess of Evil destroys Evil, the purpose of Good is not to let it happen through watering Evil down.'

3. 'Whatever you see, it's always a part of a bigger picture.'

4. 'Deep down, people don't change, they just unfold.'

5. 'Very few people have an inborn ability to evolve.'

6. 'Marriage or any other amorous relationship is mostly a business structure built upon physiological needs.'

7. 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is a good man doing nothing'.*

8. 'A unit of human species is not a separate man or woman, but a couple: a man and a woman.'

9. 'Evolution is God’s unfolding plan with mostly preestablished goals for each species.'

10. 'Nature isn't a fortuitous concurrence of atoms — an eternal, conscious and evolutionary soul within all things (the matter it’s made up of, to put it more exactly) or, philosophically speaking, the Idea of each Thing is a kind of cement that makes them hold together.'

11. 'I believe in God that created the natural world and inspired the greatest masterpieces of art.'

12. 'A slave often hates his liberator rather than his master since the former holds a mirror up to his misery, while the latter lulls him into a false sense of worthiness.'

13. 'A person is best defined not by what he does but by what he/she won’t do'.

14. 'They say beauty is only skin deep, but then that’s how deep most people’s eyes can see.'

15. 'We live in the age of prosperous mediocrities and nonentities.'

16. 'Good clothes are those that make shine the qualities you want to flaunt most.'

17. 'A truly great woman isn’t the one who manages to become like a man, but the one who manages to be on a par with the best of men.'

18. 'Great artists (especially musicians) get much closer to the understanding of the universe or God than scientists or clergymen ever will.'

19. 'Sometimes forgiving a wrongdoer is a form of injustice to the victim, and it sends a message that evil deeds go unpunished.'

20. 'If God doesn’t exist and everything was created by chance, how come I’m not accidentally immortal?'

21. 'Old art was a laud to the glory of God; modern art is a spit in His face.'

22. 'There's a hidden string in every object, awaken it with the right tune and wonder will shine through.'

23. 'We are all equal before the law and God, but not in the same way.'

24. 'Experience of fools is the teacher of the wise.'

25. 'Whether the glass is half full or half empty depends on whether it’s being filled or emptied.'

26. 'While there are slaves there will be masters.' 

27. 'Good taste is a natural ability to perceive the intrinsic harmony of things.'

28. 'Take advice and more often than not you’ll be adding someone else’s mistake to the long list of your own.'

29. 'The true competition is with yourself: make your best mark, rather than beat someone else’s.'

30. 'The civilization has long since died, what we have today is a barbarism with leftovers from the past and technology.'

31. 'It's not the miracles that prove the existence of God, but rather their absence.'

32. 'If only death were as unconscious a process as birth!'

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